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Name: Buds2Go

Description: Buds2Go represents the evolution of the online medicinal marijuana dispensary. We are technology specialists as well as employ the most stringent methods in product procurement to guarantee an amazing experience for our members.

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Buds2Go is one of the hottest online dispensaries in Canada. They have thousands of in-stock products at affordable prices.

They have the usual free shipping on orders over $99 and fast/discreet packaging shipped via Canada post.

Buds2Go not only features some really high-quality marijuana online, but they also have distillates, vape pens, terpenes, topicals, hash, edibles and more. Each product has a Grade from A, AA, and AAA, which is the quality of the product, AAA being the best. Here is what each grade rating means:
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  • A: Ditch weed
  • AA: Pretty good stuff
  • AAA: See you in outer space

Not only does each product have a grade, but they have thousands of reviews from actual customers that tell you exactly what you want to know about the marijuana product.

Buds2go also features a wide array of accessories, big bag specials and CBD products. Their blog is loaded with great information and news about the latest in Canadian marijuana laws and regulations.

Buying Weed with Buds2Go

Purchasing marijuana online with Buds2Go is super simple. First, you must register your photo ID to verify that you are of age to buy these recreational marijuana products. They usually verify members in about 2 hours, the data is destroyed and then the verified member can make purchases online.

buds 2 go review

They also have an option to change the language if you are in a french area of Canada. This makes buying quality cannabis online a breeze. Every order comes with a tracking number so you can track the order from shipment to your front door.

Another great feature about Buds2Go is that they allow you to pay with bitcoin. So all you bitcoin millionaires out there can discreetly buy your bud online using bitcoin. Here is a simple video on how to buy marijuana online with bitcoin at Buds2Go.com.

As you can see, they make it super simple to order weed online with bitcoin or popcoin.

Buds2Go Shipping

Buds2Go offers free shipping on orders over $100. Each order is assigned a tracking number so you can track everything and see when your order will arrive. Your order will arrive in discreet packaging at your mailbox via Canada post with no issues.

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If you ever have a question, support is super helpful at providing live help right on their website.

Buds2Go Coupons

If you are looking for Buds2Go coupons, you are looking in the right place. Below are some working coupons you can use to get great discounts at Buds2Go.

  • YAY2017 (15% Off)
  • BIG20 (20% Off)



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